Denis Petit

Master Mechanic Grease Tool Packs

Maintenance is a must on ATV and UTV machines.  Most riders are mechanically inclined and perform maintenance on their own machines.   It’s not uncommon that we also work on other’s machines as well. 

Realizing that there are a lot of mechanics that work on a variety of machines, we’ve put some master mechanic kits together which allow you to work on these machines.   These kits help keep your friends and family out on the trail, as well as saving time and an money.  We offer kits for Polaris, Honda, and other makes.

Our Polaris 3-pack kit is available in our Traditional or our Over the Axle styles.  Either kit will give you the ability to grease the wheel bearings on all Polaris ATV / UTV machines manufactured from 2004 to present.  Since most machines require 2 different sizes. Why not add the third tool to give you the ability to cover most all Polaris machines, at a discounted price?

Our Honda kits are available in the traditional design and are offered in 3 varieties.  The Honda ATV kit allows you to grease the wheel bearings on most Honda ATV model with dual angular contact bearings.  We also offer a Honda UTV kit that covers the Big Red and Pioneer models.  And for the true Honda enthusiast, we offer the Honda Master Mechanics Kit which combines the ATV and UTV kits at a discounted price.

If you work on all makes and models, we offer our Ultimate Traditional kit.  This kit includes each traditional tool we make that fit most ATV and UTV models including Arctic Cat, Can Am, CF Moto, Honda, John Deere, Kawasaki, Kymco, Polaris, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Let’s talk torque!

Bearings seem quite basic in design, yet can be complex when you start to dive into them and understand their usages. Terms like axial load, radial load, tapered, roller, ball, vibration, noise, runout, fatigue, heat, and the list goes on….

Let’s face it, we want to spend more time riding our ATV / UTV machines and spend less time fixing them. And we certainly are not building a rocket ship, so there isn’t much need to delve into mechanical physics of a bearing.

What is pretty apparent in mechanics is that proper lubrication keeps things moving, helps reduce wear, and reduces heat. We change engine oil, differential fluid, etc because lubrication is key, right?

Well, there is another component to help keep wheel bearings from taking the journey to the metal scrap yard… it is torque. Torque is a good thing. Torque sets a bearing’s preload. And preload in a bearing has many factors that it performs. Amongst many things, proper bearing preload reduces heat, fatigue, and wear.

Hmm… that sounds similar to lubrication! So greasing is key – but just as critical is setting bearing preload properly. Use a torque wrench and follow manufacturer’s recommendations for tightening your axle nuts. Your bearings will thank you – and so will your wallet.

Thanks for reading. Have fun on the trails and ride safe.